Our Story

Charlie and Anthony

Pour Coffee Co. was founded by two friends, Charlie Eisenstat, the owner of Pour Cleveland, and Anthony Lazzaro, an employment law attorney.

Charlie founded Pour Cleveland, a multi-roaster pour over and espresso bar in downtown Cleveland, in 2013. Since then, he has obsessed over the quality and consistency of coffee and has meticulously sourced coffees from the best international roasters.

Anthony contacted Charlie in 2014 for help with purchasing a La Marzocco espresso machine. Shortly thereafter, Anthony was hooked on the Nordic-style, third-wave coffees Charlie was serving at Pour Cleveland.

In 2017, Charlie and Anthony decided to start a small-batch roastery focusing on Nordic-style, third-wave coffees. They focus on creating a few extremely high-quality coffees for sale to wholesale customers, as well as to retail customers online.

Our Product

We start our roasting process by seeking the best beans at their peak maturity. We purchase only current crop coffee, which is coffee harvested during the current crop year. The average price we pay for green coffee (unroasted coffee) is multiple times the price paid for specialty coffee globally.

To us and our customers, the difference is worth it. By using very high-quality beans, we are able to set specific roast profiles that highlight the clarity of flavors within each coffee. Our roasting style results in pronounced fruit tones and richness with a juicy finish in many of our coffees.

We roast our coffees to brew on any method, including pour over, coffeemaker, French press, AeroPress, cold brew and espresso. We hope you enjoy our product as much as we do.